Vaporizers Showing More Promise for the Elimination of Harmful Public Cigarette Smoking

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As the vaping industry is exploding with rapid growth, the welcome downward trend in public cigarette smoking is improving the health of cities around the world. One of cities major concerns as it pertained to smoking in public places, even outdoor parks, etc. was related to the harmful side effects of second hand smoking. Cigarettes are incredibly harmful both first-hand and second-hand to those breathing in smoke that is exhaled from a smoker’s lungs, mainly due to its harsh additives, chemicals and tars. Fortunately, vaporizers do not have any of those harmful ingredients.

Second hand smoke is not a concern at all to most, when it comes to vaping, because the exhaled smoke is simply vapor, evaporating water steam. While some cities in America are choosing to regulate the use of vaporizers in public, most of the world is very accepting of this practice and welcome people to smoke even in indoor venues such as restaurants, shops and public buildings.

The vape industry is growing strong and there are thousands of people on a monthly basis making the switch from cigaratte smoking which is not only detrimental to users’ health, but their wallets as well. CEO of Fresh Vape LLC said, “We calculated that if the average smoker switched to vape when they first began smoking, and used the money saved over a 40 year period, they would be retiring as millionaires simply by investing that money saved into retirement accounts”. Fresh Vape is one of the companies helping people with the process to quit smoking. They offer a variety of vaporizers and starter kits¬†on their website and walk people through the process of finding the right hardware and e liquid juice for their individual preferences and smoking habits. They’ve found that 7 in 10 cigarette smokers that try to quit smoking with vaping, are successful and never return to the old, unhealthy habit.